Burano Island – Venice, Italy Part 1 of 7

Often we all need an holiday don’t we? There’s more to life to be an adventure than meets the eye and comeback with full of amazing moments and memories! You’ll need to be resourceful and more importantly have fun as you go along! 

I don’t give much thought about Italy until a friend of mine suggested after mini Bruges. The more i researched and it opened a vision for me that led me to engage with this idea. After spent a week in Italy was an amazing mind blowing experience and I appreciated the incredible help of my friends, colleagues and Walks of Italy team i have found myself online and led me to exchange contacts; I did not expect to be lent books and maps and other materials by wonderful people!

After 3 months of arrangements of our itinerary our trip went smooth and what a bargain price we hunted. It has fulfilled in our trip and I could not have asked anything better! We went to Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice (plus 3 islands) then lastly Milan.

My fave was Burano Islands, very colorfully painted houses and originally women began making lace with needles there. Lace was everywhere in the shops, beautiful textiles I’ve probably ever seen. If someone wishes to paint their home, one must send a request to the government for an approval, who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot. Otherwise things would be so much easier without approval, once that allows them to create freely? There is also a museum about Lace-making how it begins and what is great about it is that, it has subtitles we can watch and learn their cultural ism.

Next upcoming blog No 2: Will be about Murano Island – still figuring out which pictures to pick!

Keep an eye out for the next update! X







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