Tiny Bruges, Belgium – January 2014

The entire city is like a perfect fairy-tale picture pop-up book!

Myself and my friend spent a weekend in the beautiful fairytale Belgian city of Bruges. I say fairytale because wandering around Bruges – especially at night, makes you feel like you are in the middle of a film set. To top all of that, the main attractions in Bruges are only a short walk away!

Market Square of Bruges, located in the heart of the city


The starting point for most people’s visit to Bruges is the city’s main square, the Markt, an impressive open space lined with 17th century houses and overlooked by the Belfort on one side. In the eastern side of the square you’ll find the Neo-Gothic Provincial Hof which denotes Bruges’s status as the capital of the Province of West Vlaanderen.

Bruges - blog5The Belfort is an octagonal bell tower that rises to the height of 83m. It dominates the Markt and is a major tourist attraction. If you fancy climbing the tower ,try and get there when it opens at 9.30am as there tends to be queues throughout the day! Inside there are 366 steps take you to the roof and some great views over the city. If you’ve seen the movie “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson you’ll remember the role that the Belfort plays, if not its worth watching the film, as you’ll see some great footage of the city.

Bruges - blog11

The wonderful thing about Bruges is that so long as you have a city map in your hand, it is really hard to get lost. As impressive as the Markt is, take the time to wander beyond this central square to explore more of the city and escape the expensive restaurants that line the permiter of the square.

Bruges - blog4
in middle – Gothic Town hall. Bruges, Belgium


Sadly, we missed out on Fries and Choco-Story – the chocolate museums as we didn’t realise that they would be closed during January due to the low season. We certainly learned our lesson! It is so important to read the websites properly before planning to go on holiday.  Hopefully, we will revisit sometime soon (with better organisation skills!)

According to the latest statistics, the population of Bruges is only 115,000 people; which is very small. However, the number of museums in this town can give odds to such giants such as Brussels and Amsterdam. There are twenty museums per four main streets and two squares – impressive.

Historium bruggies.

We were so disappointed to find the museum was for audio tours only, so I asked to speak to the manager to see  if we were entitled to free entry. Unfortunately he wasn’t around at the time, and they stated they have turned away deaf people in the past. The fact that we were from London didn’t make difference, but they explained that they understood our situation and would do the same if they were in our shoes. It still seems unfair as that is the part of the city that explains the history of Bruges, where tourists come and learn about the city so it was a shame to miss out.


I saw a few art galleries near Groeninge museum showing mainly contemporary art which I found interesting, and thought that you would too! Check these artist’s work.


Bruges - blog12

Bruges - blog3

Bruges - blog10

Picturesque canals

Bruges - blog8

Bruges - blog1

Bruges - blog6

Bruges at night! 

Bruges - blog7

Heavenly chocolate and the world’s rich mix of food and culture 😀 

Bruges - blog9

The end of our journey…

This was the cherry on the cake for us, we left feeling extremely refreshed and left with chocolate all over our faces throughout our journey back to London.




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