3 / 3 of Kuching – Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

Semenggoh Orangutan Centre in Sarawak

The park rangers gave their talk about safety briefing the visitors about the orangutan feeding area, and what to do if one takes an unhealthy interest in you. (Unfortunately, we didn’t know what they were saying but luckily we prepared ourselves), there were also warning boards scattered around.

It is safe within the group and guides, i didn’t feel worried but you can never expect to be 100% safe around a bunch of orangutans, and before the feeding came to an end, there was a huge beastly one that walk toward us, the wardens were very calm and got us to the safety spot. An orangutan sighting is far from guaranteed and the rangers say that on some days many people leave disappointed having not glimpsed a single beast.

Normal people visit zoo or a safari park that they would feel safe in their car. We were excited and walking to the jungle and we got to see real wild orangutans in their natural habitat, mostly spending their time building their nightly nests high, high up in the trees. 

I spotted a mother holding her baby orangutan, he was SO tiny. It was difficult to take picture because they were so far up you could barely see them (Fortunately I had my geek glasses on).  

We walked further on into the wild forest to see other apes who were all just casually swinging their way down to the treats and taking them like the greedy little (or should I say big) creatures they are. I’ve always felt a bit ape-like, certainly not pretty hairy and my hair is certainly pretty Red, not orange as Rupal say! I’ve always liked getting up on furniture and screaming!

Seeing them in this environment was quite magical, I don’t know how many apes they had there,  we spent 3 hours there, completely fixated on them. The best bit for me was how they were swinging effortlessly high way up above you (you needed a very long lens to capture this as the canopy was about 30-40M above you!)

We felt truly blessed to have been able to see these creatures up close, these wild animals are incredibly strong and territorial.  If you come to Kuching I highly recommend visiting the Semenggoh Orangutan Center. It was a more than worthy trip.

I linked a video from the internet for you.

from http://www.wonderfulmalaysia.com/sarawak-borneo-attractions-semenggoh-wildlife-centre.htm

You can see the excitement on my face, having never seen orangutans in the wild before. (I signed monkey)


I hope you all enjoyed reading the little series as much as I did. It was a brilliant trip, especially we explored so many different things in a short period of 2 and half weeks. My friend Rupal is going to make a blog post on our last adventures in Singapore, I will link it here as usual. I am hoping to do a few posts on my previous trips until I go on a new one. 🙂


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