Kuching, Sarawak

East Malaysia consists of mainly lowland rain forests with animals. There are two distinct parts as you can see on the map below. The name of the city is Kuching, (Sarawak) meaning ‘Cat’ ; the culture is a totally different experience from West Malaysia. We chose this city in particular to see Rupal’s ex -husband (The Orangutan), monkeys, many other animals and just the general traditional culture. We wanted a change to go on an exotic adventure after going to city areas mainly (in Japan and Malaysia). Sarawak is also known as Borneo island.
We spent two days exploring going  jungle trekking and meet the animals in person… yes closer,closer and even closer!  There were no trains so we travelled by boat, bus and taxi. We spent our days at the Bako National Park and the Semenggoh Orangutan Center, (this will follow up on part two and three of the Kuching post)
Some of Kuching’s culture from the information center.


Meow! Purrr!!!!
Cat statues are scattered everywhere in Kuching! Oh yeah also notice Rupal’s ‘casual’ pose 😛
Us taking a boat to the other side of the river.
Layer Cake
We then came across Kek Lapis, a bakery containing Kuching’s famous layer cakes. They bake 60 different layer cakes at Kek Lapis, and most contain more than a dozen layers! At this point Rupal and I were wide-eyed and salivating, we dove into sample after sample of cakes. Being as infatuated with the cakes as we were, I cheekily asked for the names of the cakes… here we go! There was regular cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, sticky raisin cake (bought this!), strawberry prune cake, chocolate almond cake, three rasa cakes, evergreen cake, blueberry cheesecake (tasted amazing!), durian cake, mutiara cheese ice cream cake, Cadbury cake, and cakes with names like sutera dubai, rempah, surprise, India, and proton saga. We tasted each one but we only managed 15 tastes (!)… I apologise for any hunger caused after these photos. Why not take a trip down? 😀
Rupal took this picture, the chicken (if it is chicken) looked rather queer hung up in the window display.
We saw many food shops with different varieties of cuisine to choose from, and then they would cook it fresh for you. It was very nice to sit out have dinner, however it only seemed popular during the night.
I merged two articles that I found from the internet to share with you.  It is the world’s largest flower, called the Rafflesia. The Rafflesia has no specific flowering season, taking nine months to mature and flowering for only 5 or 6 days before dying. There are only one species of it and I really want to see it! But unluckily I was told it was not there. *Confused* I googled it, still determined to see it, and it said to make a call to check if there were any blooms before making the trip there. Such a shame that we only found out from the information center on our arrival.

I hope you enjoyed reading up on part one of my Kuching travels! Part two and three are yet to come, till then keep tuned!


One thought on “Kuching, Sarawak

  1. Wow must taken you for ages to create this and your story to Malaysia . It was eye catching of multi culture that you have seen it whera we don’t know what life out there it amazing and imagine your story telling me what it about I could visual in my thought what you were saying. Well done you earn it.


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