Kuching – Part two of three post!

Bako National Park – Borneo, Malaysia
We love that park, plants and animal life all in one concentrated area. The National Park is famous for having 150 of the strangest creatures, for example a bearded pig! Took us by taxi for 45 minutes to there from Kuching then another 30 mins a boat ride to isolation island like you seen from Beach film (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) and having no roads connecting to the park made us feel like we are on different planet! While hiking on some of the trails, these are main quality and colorful pictures below i copied from website to show you. I found difficult to pick best pictures, we took like 400 pictures in half day so i settle for 55 pictures in a slow slideshow video almost  like a Baywatch re-enactment in Slow Motion. (Sorry to disappoint you, we aren’t actually wearing that erm, flattering red swimwear…)
We booked was last minutes, we had a quick researched for health and safety. We covered up to avoid bites from mosquito, they carry malaria so they can probably be very dangerous. We also checked if we need yellow fever but lucky we chose that area closer to coast sea so it is very safe. The National Park is famous for having 150 of the strangest creatures, for example a bearded pig!
Survival Tips: Bring mints, sun tan lotion, perhaps a loud whistle or noise maker, and water! Lots and lots of water! It was very HOT even it resulted got us sweat buckets in the jungle!  With that lovely guide that we paid for his time, if you go there by yourself you would unable to have best insight to seeing certain creatures. I read the feedbacks from website,  people complaining about ‘not seeing the wildlife they were promised’. There is no promise or money-back guarantee to see wild life. It’s wild. So it’s really a gamble to see these animals even if they hide. You possible laugh but I wish I had seen a leopard, but not in this island!
My feedback: Having the chance to experience the park was a real beauty. To be able to take in that breathtaking scenery didn’t actually feel like a theme park or a Zoo.
very deadly snakes – think “Kill Bill”‘s assassins! lol
Proboscis Monkey!
Macaque Mother with her two babies. (aw!)
13) Silver Leave Monkey Bako Nat. Park-Borneo
Silver leafed monkey. You may think most newborn monkeys would blend in with their mothers. However, with silver-leaf langurs it is quite the opposite: their babies are a beautiful bright orange! Silver-leaf langur babies turn from orange to silver at about three months of age, slowly changing color starting as early as just under a month old..
Bako trail map so you don’t get lost, always handy!
The seastacks – The most well-known landmark of Bako National Park!
Having taken in about 75 million years of wind and water erosion, the cliffs become a canvas of art with beautiful pink and orange iron patterns on their surfaces.


I hope you guys enjoyed part two of my travelling adventures!


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