Saira and Rupal Gone South Asia – Yes, it is Japan!

I can hardly believe that 16 days has passed after traveling with my friend, Rupal. After 16 hours on the plane, we got lost in the Japanese cultural world and the people, who were very welcoming and helpful. We got to sample all these incredible restaurants and amazing markets (incredibly cheap prices). It is our first trip to Tokyo for 4 days though there will definitely be more visits in the future. We were navigating ourselves by using maps at all times but some of the time it was difficult to find many places that didn’t have street names. A good tip is to allow plenty of time if you are going somewhere unfamiliar in Japan because most use numbers instead of names to mark streets.


  • Rupal already knew before, but I didn’t know Japanese people sleep in airports, trains, buses, well practically everywhere so EASILY …it’s like they are dropping dead! No wonder they are very active…. I guess we rely on luxury too much (!).
  • I noticed that most people used hat shields that you can buy from shops, so they are protected from the sun.
  • I was stunned to see a cleaner use a toothbrush to clean the bins,  it looked brand new!
  • We had dinner in a restaurant where the train was running over us which was surreal!
  • There is rare vegetation to be seen but you have to research where it is.
  • When we trekked in Shibuya, Tokyo, it felt like we were in the Matrix film after seeing all the men and women in suits!  Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most crowded districts, the light turns green and 10,000 people cross the street! Said to be the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. This happens every time the light changes. The people just keep coming!.
  • Food and transit are expensive. There are fast, medium or slow speed trains you can choose.
  • We are big fan of markets! Some posh shops had beautifully designed clothes we got to buy. However, we both agreed that most of the materials we have seen are best suited to thin Japanese people!
Japan 2
Electric Toilets! My first experience, I poked button settings, *gasp* heated seat, there are nozzles that spray water to clean your parts. I tried to find a stop button, and ended up with a very wet bum. I knew Rupal would say to me “you spent too much time in there!” I was laughing because she did the same. She defended this by saying it was because she wanted to hear music! (oh I should have brought my hearing aid, extra half hour in that toilet next time!)
Japan 6
Met a lovely Japanese man, his name is Tadahiro. Hilarious conversations we had with him, we name each animals under the sun he eat, to his replies yes, yes, yes. We were like oh anything have we missed out? He replies yup a rat! He teased kept say delicious …and collapse with laughs over our freeze expressions. Not good idea to tell English people if they have a pet!! Still we love him and persuaded him to try grass biscuits we discovered from market and brought these along with green tea!
British Sign Language – Rupal signed Shark, I signed Rabbit and Tadahiro signed Man.
Amazing combinations of ice cream cone, an ice cream burger, its varied like beer, so many of you will be surprised. Love the crepes there, you get to choose fruit, roasted dinner (yup I know!), curries and cake as toppings!
AWESOME markets!
Ice cream! Yup I licked the ice cream off the wall ….Don’t be too shocked…. it’s not real….
Restaurants in Japan traditionally display plastic or wax replicas of their dishes in a window – so easy for us to make decisions when it come to choosing what to eat! Perfect for deafies!
Japan 1
Japanese women copied styles from cartoon films as their daily outfit, apparently this is Harajuku fashion progressing in Japan.
While we trekked, we discovered streets that made it feel like a maze. We saw lots of people sitting out with trains overheard.. It feel like we were sitting in an underground area ….
Japan 16
Hundreds of different combination of food, ice tea, different fish and other seafood from the oceans unlike the UK which has fewer options.
I said to my sister, my dream is to meet Jackie Chan!
Sis:”huh but I think he lives in Hong Kong” ….
Me: “Don’t spoil it sis!”
*gasp* I did see him! My sis replied by email and said you are such a cow because you gave me a heart attack! I really believed you met him and instead you sent me a picture of his lousy shampoo package!
Love the people and children’s style. No, i don’t mean you Rupal!
Choose a living creature then they cook it onto your plate!
L O V E … JAPAN CITY…… I saw so many people wear smart clothes similar to these posters (what a handsome guy but why he is not  Japanese!) … Don’t even tell me that I need glasses Rupal!
Energetic, vibrant and colourful city ….
History of traditional Japanese clothing.
For blog1
Too knackered after jetlag here, I didn’t realise a man and his children posed with me! It looks I’m with my husband and children haha….look at my son with his fingers up…. Rupal laughed and took it! Haha good one Rupal!

7 thoughts on “Saira and Rupal Gone South Asia – Yes, it is Japan!

  1. Whoaa, all those photo are awesome! You’ve a lot of experience of Chinese cultures. You’ve done it on your trip. Nice one Saira


  2. Really informative funny blog. well done saira! you make me want to travel now too! the jackie chan thing is too funny, the dude with his kids photobombing you too!


  3. you have inspire everyone who read your blog and it tell what missing in their life. I couldn’t believe you create your self on these, you have made me speechless so well done little saira credit to you.


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